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Crosslight 5 RC Is Now Available

Good news to y’all. Today, we’re releasing Crosslight 5 Release Candidate to public ahead of the RTM release scheduled later this month. As mentioned in my previous blog, you can now test drive Crosslight 5 along with over 40 revamped Crosslight samples. Crosslight 5 RC [...]

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Getting Started with Crosslight Charting

One of the greatest new components in Crosslight 4 is a powerful, full-fledged Charting component, enabling Crosslight developers to easily add stunning charts to their business cross-platform mobile apps. Fully MVVM capable, it works beautifully across iOS and Android platforms. Have you checked out the new Crosslight Charting yet? If not, then this post [...]

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Crosslight-powered PropertyCross App Is Now ...

We’re excited to announce that Crosslight implementation of PropertyCross sample is now officially available for download. In case you haven’t heard about PropertyCross, it’s an open-source project aimed to help developers selecting the right framework for building cross-platform mobile apps. There are a handful of frameworks [...]

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