Crosslight-powered PropertyCross App Is Now Available

We’re excited to announce that Crosslight implementation of PropertyCross sample is now officially available for download. In case you haven’t heard about PropertyCross, it’s an open-source project aimed to help developers selecting the right framework for building cross-platform mobile apps. There are a handful of frameworks currently participating with this project, from native to HTML5, hybrid and more. For more information, jump straight to PropertyCross website.

The Crosslight implementation of PropertyCross doesn’t only take code sharing to the highest level, it also demonstrates the best practices in building cross-platform apps, particularly leveraging Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design pattern for maximum separation-of-concern, repository pattern for data access, and IoC for dependency management.

The following chart shows the code sharing analysis based on code metric calculation.

Targeting three platforms — iOS, Android and Windows Phone, the Crosslight’s PropertyCross implementation yielded the fewest line-of-code among the available frameworks, thanks to the comprehensive features already built into Crosslight, which include form builder, enterprise framework, offline data service, REST service, pull-to-refresh and dozens of UI components. For more details about the new features in latest Crosslight release, check out the release notes page.

Here’s some screenshots of the Crosslight implementation of the PropertyCross app.

Although the PropertyCross sample has fairly basic specifications, it’s built with design best practices in mind, making it a great starting point for your Crosslight learning journey. It’s also a great reference sample as it demonstrates various Crosslight’s key features. Without much ado, please download the sample from our Git Server here.

Please note that the sample requires latest Crosslight build (3.0.5000.184) which was introduced in my previous blog post. For an in-depth guide to build and run the PropertyCross sample, please refer to PropertyCross Sample documentation.


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