Premier Studio 2017 is here.

Today we’re excited to announce the general availability of Premier Studio 2017, our latest and most advanced development toolset for web, desktop, and cross-platform mobile development. This release packed-in numerous important updates across all platform lineups since the last year’s release. One noteworthy milestone is [...]

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Using Crosslight Location Service in iOS 8

Using Crosslight Location Service Location service provides a streamlined way to access location API that conforms to each the device’s platform. In order to get the current location of the device, we use following snippet code: 12345678910 this.MobileService.Location.GetCurrentLocation(LocationAccuracy.Best,    (locationResult) =>    {        if (locationResult.Error == null) { }        else { [...]

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Crosslight Field Service is now available!

Good news! For those of you who’ve waited for so long for Crosslight Field Service sample, it’s now available here. This sample highlights many of the best practices found when developing Crosslight applications with no tedious workarounds whatsoever. Works on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, this sample sets a new standard for Crosslight [...]

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