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WebUI Studio Designer Reimagined

Last week, Microsoft has finally released its long awaited Visual Studio 2012 to the MSDN subscribers. As VSIP partners, we had the RTM bits several weeks earlier and started testing our component designer features for the new Visual Studio. Just in timely fashion, we’ve recently [...]

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UXGridView CTP3: Feature-complete Grid for S...

I hope you’ve enjoyed the second CTP of our upcoming data controls released a couple weeks ago, which includes MVVM-ready data validation and data editing capabilities, as well as customizable editing control architecture. Make sure you also check out Andry’s blog posts covering the editing [...]

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Enhanced ClientUI Navigation Framework for WPF

In my ClientUI blog series last year, I have covered the importance of navigation infrastructure which makes the application’s overall user experiences. There were many other details that I described in the blog post, including our support for nested navigation, easy role-based security configuration and [...]

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