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Upgrading Crosslight 3 to Crosslight 4

How are you guys? I’m sure you guys have heard a lot about all the exciting new stuff in Crosslight 4 and can’t wait to get your hands dirty. But, for existing Crosslight developers, you might be wondering how to upgrade your existing projects to [...]

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Crosslight Components are now live at Xamari...

Hi, Crosslight Developers! In this short post I’m going to share some good news for you. We have just completed the submission of several ready-to-use Crosslight components to the Xamarin Component Store. In case you haven’t noticed, Xamarin Component Store is an initiative from Xamarin [...]

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Exciting iOS Visual Goodies in Crosslight vNext

Building on rock-solid foundation, the next major iteration of Crosslight will continue to offer new components and features that make cross-platform apps development even easier and more rapidly. There are a number of key areas that we’re focusing in the upcoming release which include data [...]

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