Video Tutorials: Understanding Data Access Design Patterns in Crosslight

When building applications, I always encourage the team in-charge, to look up and apply the appropriate design patterns for the application.

In our latest release (Crosslight 2), we introduced several new services such as RestClient, SQLite, EntityContextProvider, EntityContainer, etc, enabling you to easily create data aware apps across multiple mobile platforms.

These are the tools that can get the job done. However using all these services without applying design patterns can make your code redundant and much harder to manage.

I’ve created a video explaining several new design patterns to tackle data access challenges using Crosslight. Check it out below.

These design patterns are also extensively used in our Enterprise App Framework. In the next video, I’ll show you how to create data aware application from scratch using the new tools provided in Crosslight 2 and Enterprise App Framework which leverage the design patterns you just learn in this video.

To learn how to work with data using Crosslight, see our online documentation at

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