Crosslight 2 Update 1 is Available

Last week, we released the first update for Crosslight 2 which includes enhancements and stability improvements. One of the noteworthy improvements is better support for the iOS navigation drawer control, particularly when used in conjunction with other containers such as tab bar and collection view. The Android components are more stable than ever as we addressed issues specific to release builds and improved compliance to Xamarin Android’s assembly linking mechanism. You can read the complete release notes in our new Developer Center here.

In my previous post, I have mentioned about our recent transition to a better agile development methodology. There have been a few changes as the result. Foremost, we have increased transparency in how we resolve issues and deliver updates, particularly for the Crosslight product. This allows you to see which backlogs that we are currently working on, which have been addressed, and where to get the builds for testing.

Now, you can conveniently obtain nightly builds that we provide in our enterprise Git server, thanks to the new Intersoft Release Management that automatically pick up desired commits and produce new builds automatically on daily basis. Once the build is available, the relevant release notes page is automatically updated as well, showing closed and resolved backlogs. With most of these redundant operations being automated, our goal to deliver updates in the fastest and most efficient way have now come to a reality. The Update 1 build was an instant proof of our new agile system taking into affect.

For now, if you’ve installed Crosslight 2, the easiest way to obtain stable update is through Update Manager for Windows, see the screenshot below. For Mac users, you can download the updates manually from your account. Please bear with us as we’re making our way to bring Update Manager to the OS X platform.

For more information about the band quality and new product update cycle applied in Crosslight, see Updating Crosslight.


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