WebUI Studio.NET 2007 R1 Service Pack 1

As promised, we delivered the first service pack for WebUI Studio.NET 2007 R1 last week. In addition to bug fixes, SP1 is strongly focused on SmartWebResources enhancements specifically on WebGrid component level. Most of these enhancements are requested by our customers who used WebGrid in advanced scenarios. The following is some detailed technical information related to the enhancements:

  • Allow SmartWebResources to be completely turned off. Some of our customers have implemented their own way to retrieve the Grid resources and therefore they somehow need to turn off SmartWebResources entirely for WebGrid component. This is not possible in initial version of WebGrid v5 since WebGrid requires several scripts that integrated with WebDesktop. Our initial goal was to remove configuration hassles so that all resources can be handled as automatic as possible.In this SP1, we have added WebDesktopScriptDirectory at the Grid control level. So in case you need to turn off SmartWebResources entirely, there should be no problem as long as the WebDesktopScriptDirectory is configured properly.
  • Added UseWebResources property to CustomEditor object. You should set this property to False if you have your own custom editor object in your WebGrid. This enables WebGrid to render the script and resources path properly according to the path that you specified in the CustomEditor.

Furthermore, SP1 includes one long-awaited feature for WebGrid. That is the ability to export all self referencing rows in WebGrid. Note that this new feature is not enabled by default to preserve backward compatibility. So if you want to utilize this feature, you need to implement the Export server side event handler then enable the feature by setting e.ReportInfo.ExportAllSelfReferencingRows to True.

The SP1 is also focused to better support x64 bit Windows. Supported versions are Windows Server 2003 x64 and Windows Vista Business/Ultimate x64. This enhancement ensures all components of WebUI Studio.NET such as the Framework, License Manager, Update Manager and the entire products to work in harmony in x64 bit environment.

To read more details about other enhancements, see http://www.intersoftpt.com/Corporate/Default.aspx?page=PressRelease&PressID=94c2aec7-432d-4c83-b130-4fa6c66714c4 


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