Developer Network Enhancements

In case that you haven’t aware, we have added several nice enhancements to our Developer Network.

We have added new Office 2007 Theme and have successfully migrated it to use 2007 R1 components. The results? Faster performance. Easier to use with consistent styles. Better experience.

As for the architecture part, we have migrated many modules which previously rely on SessionCache to FileServerCache. You should notice significant quicker response in this new version. Using FileServerCache also enables greater scalability and reliability, since caches are now stored on disk instead of memory. For more information about FileServerCache, see my earlier post about the feature.

To use the new Office 2007 Theme, simply bring up “My Settings” and switch into Themes tab. See the following screenshot:


We hope you enjoyed it! See ya in my next post about our upcoming SP1.

All the best,

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