Create Crosslight Business Apps with Local Data Storage (SQLite)

This blog post shows you in-depth how to create apps that use SQLite as its local data storage using Crosslight Business Template. You will learn how to configure SQLite for the first time, setting up the domain model through Intersoft Entity Designer and add some simple settings and code to enable SQLite. Learn more.


We have made the sample code available to be downloaded from out Git server here. Feel free to post any comment or feedback.

Martin Lie



  1. One line of text and a screenshot is an in-depth coverage of a complex topic? It is like most of the time with Crosslight, it is teaching yourself by studying the samples. Better and more how- to’s and tutorials are very welcome. Crosslight has without a doubt great features and concepts, but it would be nice to have more than an API documentation and source code to learn them.

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