Intersoft Studio 2014 R2 Delivers 500 Components for Mobile, RIA, and Web Development

We are proud to announce the release of our next ultimate development toolset, Premier Studio 2014 R2. In this release, we continue delivering the next generation of our powerful cross-platform mobile toolset, Crosslight 3. Our Silverlight lineups also received numerous enhancements as well as our ASP.NET lineups. That’s not all. We also ship even better tooling support for cross-platform mobile development on both Mac and Windows. These exciting new features will definitely shave months off your development time table. Let’s tour some of the key highlights in this release.

Crosslight 3: Deliver Stunning UI Components with Full iOS 8 Support

Crosslight 3 is now power-packed with gorgeous UI components that are beautifully designed with highly customizable components, such as map views for showing different route directions, carousel view for displaying multiple images in the form of paged slider view, a keyboard input view for messaging apps, a calendar month view to easily present list of events and many more. Furthermore, this release includes full support for iOS 8 and smart layout mechanism for iPhone 6 Plus. You can expect all iOS services and user interface components to work flawlessly with minimal or no code changes in your apps.


Improved Tooling Support for Mac and Windows

Good news for Mac and Windows users! Crosslight 3 also now provides full tooling support for both Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio. You can now build Crosslight apps with either Xamarin Studio on the Mac or Visual Studio on Windows. Simply say, you don’t have to worry on building mobile apps with your favorite IDE as each of them supports many useful features such as Crosslight Project Wizard, Entity designers extension, Crosslight item templates and more.

Moreover, this release also adds even better tooling support for Visual Studio, allowing you to perform direct search for the class documentation on a specific Crosslight class. Crosslight Developer Center will automatically display the searching information.


In addition, Crosslight 3 also adds navigation drawer template for Windows 8 which enable you to create powerful Crosslight apps with navigation drawer interface across four mobile platforms, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1.

Powerful Form Builder

Crosslight 3 gives significant upgrades to its Form Builder to achieve new scenarios easily. It now adds support for new editor types, such as radio button editor, checkbox list and child list view. Radio button editor is great for allowing single selection inputs for multiple choices. Displaying child list view will allow form builder to support even more business scenarios, such as displaying list of warehouses, branches, categories and many more is now possible.


Exciting Features for iOS and Android

This release brings more features for both iOS and Android. Crosslight 3 adds new APIs for iOS to enable new ways of interacting with the app. Furthermore, features like in-line editing, displaying custom edit actions using swipe gesture and many more will surely exciting for you to build more intuitive mobile apps. Learn more about iOS new features.


Not only iOS, Crosslight 3 also adds various improvements towards the Android platform. Features like drastic scrolling performance, MVVM support for MapViews and ImageButton and auto-complete EditText will obviously add some values to your mobile apps development.  Learn More about Android new features.


Silverlight Lineups: Retina-ready with Modern Themes

In this release, Silverlight lineups receive significant enhancements for its display rendering quality. With retina-ready support, Silverlight controls are scaled beautifully across multiple screen sized and densities. They also now equipped with modern themes which share the same guidelines and visual aesthetic designed by Intersoft’s design experts. Furthermore, this release also delivers continuous improvements to the overall stability and reliability of the ClientUI components and frameworks.


Major Milestone in WebGrid 9

The most advanced data grid component for ASP.NET, the WebGrid 9, marks a major milestone in which you can perform various data operations reliably and seamlessly. In this release, new features include searching by text in value list, perform various data operations using JavaScript API, better copy and pasting support and direct print support.


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Visit our Crosslight Developer Center to get more information about Crosslight architecture, walkthroughs, samples as well as Crosslight roadmap. We just want to ensure that you always get the best “cutting-edge” toolset for your development. Download your free trial here and experience building cross-platform mobile, enterprise and web apps with less effort.


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