Video Tutorials: Understanding Screen Navigation in Crosslight – 1

To start off a wonderful new year in cross-platform mobile applications development using Crosslight, we have released another video tutorial to help you better understand how screen navigation in Crosslight works.  This is the first of two video parts that covers push navigation, modal navigation and list navigation in Crosslight.

As you may have aware, navigation is a very complex subject in mobile apps development – not to mention various kind of navigation across multiple platforms. The navigation in a single platform itself, for example Android, requires deep understanding on how Android works and its user experiences pattern. This could probably take weeks to months only to make “usable” simple navigation works – including passing data between different screens, capturing input, back mechanism, rotation handling, layout persistence, and more.

Thankfully, we’ve done all those heavy lifting works – so you don’t have to. The good news is we’ve managed to streamline various navigation scenarios across different platforms into a single, unified API – so you can build powerful navigable apps with a single set of codebase. With the screen navigation scenarios fully covered across iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8 – you should be able to focus on what is more important: business processes, user experience, and visual aspects of your app. With Crosslight, surely cross-platform mobile development had never been easier. Check out the new video tutorial below to learn how navigation works in Crosslight.

To learn more about Crosslight navigation, check out Designing Consistent Navigation Interface in our online documentation. Should you have any further questions, feel free to raise a thread in our forum. Stay tuned for more Crosslight video tutorials. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well!

Nicholas Lie

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