Video Tutorials: Getting Started with Crosslight

After you have successfully installed Mobile Studio by following the previous blog post, it’s highly recommended that you understand how Crosslight works as a framework, and how it can add significant values to your current application lifecycle management. The blog post will cover highlighted features of Crosslight in a high-level overview that reflects Crosslight values to the mobile world, especially when you’re coming from .NET. The video highlights the following:

  • Cross Platform Mobile Development Challenges
  • Crosslight Overview
  • Crosslight Architecture Overview
  • Crosslight Technology Overview
  • Hello World in Crosslight
  • MVVM Pattern Overview in Crosslight
  • Crosslight Solution Overview
  • Crosslight Enterprise Benefits
  • Crosslight Form Builder
  • Crosslight Mobile Services
  • Crosslight extensible architecture
  • Crosslight Project Wizard

This blog post has outlined how you can leverage Crosslight to your existing ALM, and how you can benefit from it. We truly believe that Crosslight will greatly improve your existing workforce. Cut development times, reduce costs, improve productivity and faster time-to-market.

You can find out more about Crosslight and Mobile Studio by visiting our site. Feel free to try out Crosslight for 30 days from the Request Trial page to see Crosslight for yourself. Got any questions about Crosslight? Visit the our forums or drop us a mail at Contact for licensing schemes. Stay tuned for more blog posts and video tutorials on Crosslight.


Nicholas Lie