New Business-inspiring Samples in ClientUI 8

We’re excited to announce the latest WebUI Studio 2012 R2 release which is now immediately available for download here. In this R2 release, we’ve added dozens of new powerful controls for Silverlight and WPF that users have been waiting for. For ASP.NET, we’ve completely redesigned the new WebDesktop from the ground up to support the latest web standards such as HTML5 and CSS3.

To discover new controls and features that we’ve included in R2 release, you can visit What’s New in 2012 R2. In this blog post, I will share some of the featured reference samples demonstrating the new products, as well as reviewing the key features.

Below are some of the top new samples that go to my favorite list.

  1. Sales Dashboard
    UXChart is a collection of advanced charting control coupled with powerful MVVM data-binding capability for your Silverlight and WPF business application. UXChart takes any kind of data and transform them into beautiful charts that can leverage your business presentation.In this sample, UXChart is used to display the sales overview of Northwind’s merchandise over time while demonstrating its selection ability. Notice that there are 4 different types of chart, which are pie, doughnut, smooth lines and multiple series column charts. If you select one of the pie area in the upper left corner chart, the selected pie area exploded as the rest of the charts moves fluently to show the data corresponding to the selected area. Explore the sample.
    UXChart - Sales Dashboard
  2. Revenue Analysis
    UXChart is created on top of an advanced canvas that provides reliable support for interactivity features such as zooming, panning, and box selection.This sample shows UXChart amazing zoom capability in a Profit / Loss analysis scenario. The zoom options are enabled by default which allows users to easily zoom into specific area of the chart. You can move the zoom slider or scroll your mouse wheel to zoom in/out on the cursor position. See that the content seamlessly shrink and grow while maintaining the perfect gridline thickness thanks to UXChart advanced rendering technique. Pan through your data while maintaining your zoom level by dragging the slider or canvas to any direction. Try double clicking on the chart canvas to activate the step zoom feature. Explore the sample.UXChart - Revenue Analysis
  3. Sales Drill Down
    UXChart supports data drill down. In a drilldown chart, the data plots in each chart (for example pie slieces in Pie chart or columns in Column chart) act as hotspots to reveal the breakdown values of the selected data. With UXChart’s solid architecture you can even create multiple levels of drilldown.This sample created to showcase UXChart built-in drill down capability in a Product List scenario. Along with presenting exquisite charts, UXChart also pays close attention to every element involved in the charting control in order to bring state-of-the-art user experiences. Enjoy smooth animation as UXChart loads your data for the first time or during value changes. Both axis intervals are capable of shrinking and growing dynamically to cope with fluctuating data during zooming operation. Explore the sample.SalesDrilDown
  4. Hospital Management
    UXChart is a suite of business-oriented charting toolset equipped with a diverse list of chart types. It comes with more than 20 different chart types including bar, column, line, area, smooth line, smooth area, step area, donut, pie, bubble, radar, polar, scatter, stacked bar, stacked column, and more.In this sample, UXChart is used to present a hospital bed management dashboard. The Weekly Accuracy of Discharge Prediction chart shows how UXChart can bring more dynamics in data illustration by customizing the x-axis into percentage display. With UXChart, you don’t have to move your cursor on top of a particular data point to view its value. Try to move your cursor near any data points and the intelligent nearest-point-finder feature will trigger the intuitive tooltips to reveal the exact value behind the chart for accurate data reading. Explore the sample.HospitalManagement
  5. Web Analytics
    UXChart is engineered from the ground up with solid architecture to ensure blazing-fast performance and maximum scalability. It offers full support for MVVM data binding which unlocks the possibility of real-time chart update within your business application.This sample shows how UXChart can be used to display real-time traffic data and its associated data. With UXChart you don’t have to try hard pointing your cursor in order to read values behind a data point. Try to move your cursor near any data point and the intelligent nearest-point-finder feature will trigger the intuitive tooltips to reveal the exact value behind the chart for accurate data reading. Notice how the tooltip glides smoothly from one data point to another as you move your cursor around. Explore the sample.WebAnalytic
  6. Housing Filter
    UXQueryBuilder is an advanced data filtering control that allows user to dynamically build complex queries through an intuitive user interface. UXQueryBuilder also supports server-side filtering through QueryDescriptor, FilterDescriptors or client-side filtering through CollectionView. In this sample, uses QueryBuilder to filter a collection of houses in a house finder scenario. Explore the sample.HousingFilter
  7. Heritage Property Finder
    UXPropertyGrid is a versatile editor control that displays the properties of an object, which support all kinds of data types including text, boolean, date-time and even advanced data types such as enumeration.UXPropertyGrid allows multiple object properties to be displayed and edited. Therefore, this sample uses this control to edit a collection of house properties. Try holding Shift key while selecting several houses and notice how UXPropertyGrid lists all properties that are common to the two objects.PropertyFinder
  8. Customer List
    UXPropertyGrid provides built-in data binding support to read property values from a data source. With full MVVM support, you can easily populate a data collection property from a ViewModel. In addition, the component model annotation support allows the control to read the property’s settings automatically based on the specified attributes, such as the display caption, format string, maximum length, and many others.CustomerList
  9. Windows-style File Explorer
    UXBreadCrumb is an advanced navigation control that allows users to easily navigate between pages, with the familiar look of Windows Explorer navigation. UXBreadCrumb combines the address bar and menu functionality in an elegant single interface, enabling users to perform navigation in simple point-and-click manner.This sample shows how to emulate Windows-style file explorer while highlighting UXBreadCrumb’s powerful features such as load-on-demand and full MVVM support. Try to navigate around different nodes and notice that the icon and address are automatically synchronized to the current navigation target. Thanks to smart resizing feature, UXBreadCrumb automatically resize and adjust the URI into ellipsis text when the URI is exceeding the limit.FileExplorer
  10. Help Viewer
    UXBreadCrumb unleashes its maximum potential when a sitemap data is provided. It is automatically synchronized to the current navigation page. Users will also appreciate the sleek interface, ISO-compliance modal input and intuitive keyboard navigation.This sample demonstrates the UXBreadcrumb’s dynamic sitemap reading capability by populating the navigation nodes from external XML file. This control full supports both mouse and keyboard for navigating and editing. Try to use keyboard arrows to navigate between items and press F2 to enter editing mode where you can directly type in the target URL. Alternatively, you also can click the arrow down icon to enter the editing mode.HelpViewer

To find out more samples and experience it for yourself, please visit ClientUI Live Samples.

Feel free to download your copy here. And while waiting for the download, be sure to check out the complete what’s new list here. Existing customers with valid subscription can obtain the latest WebUI Studio from Developer Network, under My Components shortcut.

Any comments or feedbacks are welcome. If you have any questions regarding your account and subscriptions, please feel free to reach me by email.

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