Enable HTTPS mode in SqlReportViewer and SQL Report Service

Normally, SQL Report Service (SSRS) is configured to run in HTTP by default. In this blog post, I will show you the steps required to configure the SSRS to use HTTPS mode, and how to configure the SqlReportViewer control to target the HTTPS-enabled report server.

First, you can set HTTPS mode in SSRS by clicking Advanced button.

SSRS Configuration

When configuring HTTPS, please use a valid Certificate for HTTPS. In this case, please contact your Certificate vendor.

Once SSRS has been configured HTTPS, it will look like the following screenshot.

SSRS HTTPS Configuration

Now that the SSRS server has been changed to HTTPS, the ReportServer property of the SqlReportViewer needs to be changed as well.


<Intersoft: SQLReportViewer ReportServer=”https://win7-x32-1:443/ReportServer”/>

Finally, in order to support HTTPS mode completely, you need one more additional setting in the web.config of the web application that hosts the Silverlight application. Otherwise, you will get the error below.

Error Configuration

To resolve the error, change the security mode from TransportCredentialOnly to Transport in web.config. These changes are important due to the nature of HTTPS which requires more secure communication channel.

The code in the web.config looks like the following.

Config Changes

If you have any difficulties or issues regarding this scenario, please feel free to leave your comment, or post your questions to Intersoft Community.

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