New ClientUI Videos and Live Sample Updates

We’ve recently updated our ClientUI online demos with the latest product builds which includes a host of major enhancements in various areas such as navigation framework, windowing and data controls, as well as stability improvements – thanks to your continuous support and feedback! Find out all enhancements introduced in the latest release here.

The update also includes numerous enhancements on the sample level such as treeview, resizable pane, grids, and much more. Click here to check out the updated ClientUI online demos.

UXTreeView live samples

In addition, we’ve also published several new HD-quality videos to compliment the latest ClientUI release. The 5-minute videos demonstrate the key features of each new control, giving you quick insights of what you can achieve with the new controls. Here the list goes.

Intersoft WebUI Studio 2011 Tour Video

This video outlines the new controls and enhancements available in WebUI Studio 2011 which also includes the much anticipated ClientUI 5, WebCombo 5 and much more. The latest ClientUI 5 focuses on a wide array of data presentation controls for Silverlight and WPF development. The major new controls are grid view, tree view, document viewer, navigation pane, and resizable pane.

GridView and Data Controls Overview

This video demonstrates the advanced capabilities and rich features of Intersoft’s flagship data grid control for Silverlight and WPF application development. UXGridView is a powerful, MVVM-ready data grid control with high-performance virtual data loading architecture.

TreeView Overview

This video demonstrates the advanced features of UXTreeView for Silverlight and WPF. UXTreeView is a versatile, feature-rich tree view control for displaying and navigating hierarchical data. Uniquely engineered with loosely-coupled architecture, UXTreeView enables full support for MVVM design pattern. It offers numerous advanced features such as child load-on-demand supporting both MVP and MVVM pattern, tri-state check boxes, customizable expand mode, multiple item selection, node editing and hierarchical template editing support.

Document Viewers Overview

This video demonstrates the rich features of XPS Document Viewers for Silverlight and WPF. UXDocumentViewer is the next-generation document viewing control with a sleek user interface, high-performance and pixel-perfect document rendering. It adds sophisticated document viewing capabilities to Silverlight business applications with easy document zooming, navigation, text selection, and searching, and printing.

Advanced Navigation Controls Overview

In today’s modern applications like digital dashboards, maximizing every pixel without cluttering the whole UI is a tough challenge, even for a UI designer. This video demonstrates the new UXNavigationPane control which is designed to address these challenges and at the same time improves user experiences.

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed our new HD tour videos. As usual, feedback and comments are warmly welcomed.


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