2007 R2 Tutorial Videos

Finally… the new videos for the latest Intersoft’s components have been added in Intersoft’s support site.
The latest videos introduce the following components:

– WebGrid.NET 6.0 with its new ability to present data visualization concept by introducing pivot charting and classic paging mechanism.

– WebDragDropExtender.NET as a new member of WebDesktop.NET 2.5, enabling user to add sophisticated drag and drop behaviors to existing server or html controls.

– WebTreeView.NET 1.0 as the latest of Intersoft’s ASP.NET server control, enabling user to easily create a hierarchical data presentation.

Following are the latest video’s URL of each component:

WebGrid.NET 6.0


WebTreeView.NET 1.0

You can also look at the other videos at Intersoft Solutions – Support Center.

Should you guys have any feedback or request for the current and future videos, please feel free to leave a comment on this post.

Thank you.


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