Intersoft Team March 2007 Vacation

Greetings all :)

After the hectic period of 2007 R1 release, we can finally take a little bit of rest and enjoy the result. As someone who work in the sales department, I really do pleased with what our development team has achieved and we can see that our customers have to agree with us from their feedback :)

And finally.. as the reward of hard working period, we actually will go on a team vacation to refresh our mind and be prepared for R2. I believe the management has compiled a list of exciting stuff to go with R2, so for our beloved exsisting customer, don’t forget to read what will come next in the Product RoadMap.

It is 3 days vacation from 26th – 28th of March to ‘Pulau Ayer’ (translated: Ayer Island). Check this out:

Located only 15 – 20 minutes from Marina Ancol, Jakarta, Pulau Ayer has been known as the best, cleanest, the most exclusive island, and also as the brightest of the thousand islands.

In ancient times, this island (Pulau Ayer) was the private recreation retreat of the former kings of the thousand island. It was also used by the first President of the Republic of Indonesia as his private vacationland many years ago.

When you have been busy making a living and forgotten how to enjoy live, go and seek out a cottage at Pulau Ayer, and it will all come back to you. While you stay in anyone of the 45 cottages you will be living in a totally different atmosphere from the busy lifestyle from the city, cause there is no air pollution, no such thing as traffic jam, you will only find peacefulness.

Especially if you stay in the floating cottages that have been uniquely designed and built 3 meters above sea level, and they all have a glorious view of the ocean. There is also a traditional masseuse available to help you lose the muscle tension and soothe away your cares.

I actually take the above description of Pulau Ayer from their website. You can visit their website here — Interesting ? Take a vacation to Indonesia!

To close this posting, I would like to let you know that most of the support team members will be going with us and therefore we would like to apologize if you experience any delay in the reply. Our office will be fully functional on Thursday, 29th of March.

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