It’s done.

After the long journey of concepting, extensive research and development, and documenting which took more than two quarters — it’s finally done. The new 2007 platform is here.

WebUI Studio.NET 2007 is just one small part of the entire 2007 Platform Initiatives. This breakthrough 2007 release not only introduces new products with its dozens of revolutionary features. In fact, it resembles the company’s new identity and image, as well as the result of our commitment to deliver a better development tool platform that is completely hassles-free – from installation, licensing, development, to deployment and production.

If you don’t have ideas about what 2007 Platform Initiatives is, here is a great resource. Visit

There are lot of amazing things in this release which I can’t cover in this single post. However, you can discover most of them in the following links:

 Our active subscribers can enjoy this whole new platform with no additional costs. The new products will be sent out to subscribers automatically on Feb 1st, 2007.

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  1. Hi Mike,

    Please apologize for the delay. Due to the terrific flood and electricity shutdown in Jakarta, we were unable to complete the automatic batch sending on Feb 1st 2007. We will resume the subscription insertion remotely by tomorrow Feb 5th 2007.


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