Web Development

We received many feedbacks about the difficult navigation in current version of Forum, so we decided to revamp the navigation pane of Forum. The left navigation pane was using WebNavPane control previously, as we thought it has nicer appearance. However, many customers feel that it is not efficient to use WebNavPane because they can’t easily see all available forums. 

Many of our users loved the good old TreeView style navigation used in TDN v1. To respond this feedback, we have now revamped the navigation back to use TreeView mode (actually it is using a WebGrid control) — so it’s easier to navigate :) Hopefully the modified Forum is easier to use by now.

In My Settings, you can also set the Community Center window to be maximized on the first load so the view could be larger. We have also fixed some display issues when browsing TDN in Firefox Mozilla.

We’re currently in the way developing new website and support page which is part of our 2007 corporate rebrand initiative; a new look&feel website, with fresh style and layout. The support page will include all resources that we have about the products, such as knowledge base, online docs, FAQ, videos, white paper, online demo, etc, all collected in one integrated interface.

As usual, if you have any comments or feedbacks about this, just send them to technical@intersoftpt.com and put the subject as “TDN Feedback”. Alternatively, you can also add comments to this post. 

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