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Saving and loading HTML file in WebTextEditor

As the nature of a text editor, WebTextEditor provides standard capabilities that allow you to easily get and set editor’s content via the property provided in the object model. Developers will then store the content to other physical storage such as database or file for [...]

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Unique Multiple Sections in WebTextEditor

As you may already aware, we’ve released WebTextEditor last month along with other new products in our 2009 R1 volume releases. If you haven’t familiar with our rich text editor, please read “Introducing WebTextEditor” part 1 and part 2. In this post, I’m going to share [...]

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Introducing Intersoft WebTextEditor – Part 1

Surely, there are already many text editor components in the market. However, most of these components share a common problem: Bloated user-interface and sluggish performance. That’s just one of many reasons why we decided to develop our very own editor component. We designed WebTextEditor with [...]

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