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2007 Documentation Announcement

Some of you may notice that WebUI Studio.NET 2007 Release Candidate has been released and is now available to be downloaded. However, you may notice missing images when you open WebDesktop v2.0 documentation. Well, it seems that the images are not being uploaded to the [...]

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WebUI Studio.NET 2007 RC is now available.

WebUI Studio.NET 2007 Release Candidate is now available to our existing customers for download. This RC version is our last beta version and already has the final set features, optimized performance and completed samples as well as finalized documentation. This RC version is provided for our [...]

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WebUI Studio.NET 2007 R1 Beta 2 is now avail...

We are excited to announce the release of WebUI Studio.NET 2007 second beta. This release contains numerous bug fixes and significant enhancements to WebGrid.NET Enterprise 5.0 and ISDataSource such as strong support for third party object layer (eg, Hibernate, XPO). We have also implemented top-requested enhancements [...]

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Ready for beta.

Finally, we are ready to go for WebUI Studio.NET 2007 R1 beta bits. This beta release will be available only for existing customers as we are in early stage in gathering feedbacks around new features and enhancements available in this new release. However, we will still open for [...]

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WebUI.NET Framework 2007 – Part I

In this first sequel of my post around our upcoming WebUI.NET Framework 2007, I would like to share some major improvements in Framework 2007 especially in performance and memory usage area. Before I started with the improvement in the new version, let’s take a look [...]

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2007 Product Documentation

I’m a member of Intersoft Solutions including the one who created the tutorial video So hope you guys liked the video.. I think the video was quite useful for beginner users as what Jimmy has explained to you Recently, we decided to create a better [...]

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