Monthly Archives: September 2013

Building Inventory Tracker Apps with Crosslight

The Inventory Tracker sample shipped with Intersoft Mobile Studio is a great reference sample that simulates the real-world condition of how a basic, yet still providing a great user experience app should be. The Inventory Tracker is designed for workers that in a warehouse who [...]

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Intersoft Mobile Studio – Cross-Platform Dev...

We are pleased to announce the release of our next-gen toolset for cross-platform mobile development: Intersoft Mobile Studio. Shipped with powerful features with small footprint, Intersoft Mobile Studio marks the next industry-standard for cross-platform development. Built with the proven MVVM design pattern on its core, [...]

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Create a Simple Report with Intersoft Client...

In the previous posts, I’ve wrote about the overview and features of our new ClientUI reporting lineup. Now that we’ve released the Reporting lineup, you can download a copy of the new 2013 release here and test drive the much anticipated Reporting for yourself. In [...]

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